Gangstar New Orleans- ALL WEAPONS UNLOCKED!02:01

Gangstar New Orleans- ALL WEAPONS UNLOCKED!

Gangstar New Orleans: All Weapons & The Best Weapons (release date)

Gangstar New Orleans- THE BEST WEAPONS! (all 4-star weapons)01:17

Gangstar New Orleans- THE BEST WEAPONS! (all 4-star weapons)

Overview Edit

Weapons are one of the three type of items that can be used in the game. There are currently more than 100 weapons available and they are divided in categories such as star rating and class of weapon.

Classes of weapon Edit

There are 4 slots that have your equipped with a pistol or SMG in the first slot, a Assault Rifle or Shotgun in the second, a Sniper rifle in the third, and a machine gun or rocket launcher in the 4th slot.

Pistols are shown with orange color (Operative weapons can receive more XP while fusing with the same type of boosters and can only be evolved with that type of Jujus. SMGs are highlighted in a magenta color and snipers are highlighted in purple, assault rifles are highlighted in a light blue, shotguns are highlighted in dark blue, machine guns and rocket launchers are highlighted in a light green.

All weapons have different amounts and types of Jujus needed to evolve them. Boosters are needed to level them up to the max level where then you can use Jujus to evolve them.

Weapon list Edit

1-star weapons:

2-star weapons:

3-star weapons:

4-star weapons:

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